PuraEnviro® Energy

is an innovative recycling technology company. Based on thermal conversion and other techniques, the company develops, builds and operates plants for the conversion of organic waste, among others, discarded old tires, plastics as well as biomass, for the production of synthetic renewable fuels and carbon black.

PuraEnviro® Energy markets its conversion plants through a franchise system.

Company history:

ProTec International is a fuel additive manufacturer serving the petroleum industry. For decades our company has directed its resources towards the production of cleaner fuels.

PuraEnviro® Energy is a subsidiary that manufactures thermal conversion plants to transform multiple types of organic waste into clean renewable liquid fuels.

The plant only needs a relatively small area, it is easy to transport and install, its modular design allows a rapid increase in production and, depending on the processed raw material is partially energy sufficient.

PuraEnviro® Energy offers broad environmental benefits such as the removal of visible pollution from, among others, discarded old tires and plastics, to transform them into a source of renewable energy for local use, resulting in decreased consumption of fossil fuels, as well as air pollution derived from its transport.

Within the circular economy our system offers environmental benefits and contributes to create: